How i Work

I’m not looking to immortalise just the “wow” moments but also a whole lot of shorter, fleeting moments : an unprompted peal of laughter, a glance between two people

A wedding day is like a story, each unique, with very different people, but following a similar structure.

What I like is to go and meet completely new people every time and be there from the beginning of the story, until its end; I’m not looking to immortalise just the “wow” moments, such as exchanging vows and wedding rings, stepping out of church, the first dance… but also a whole lot of shorter, fleeting moments : an unprompted peal of laughter, a glance between two people…

The way I see it, what happens alongside the official moments is just as interesting and important than what is expected and usual during a wedding. The morning preparation time, for instance, allow me to meet the family and the guests, to get into the wedding’s atmosphere, to establish a trust basis with them.

The way I work is a mix of spontaneous photographs, like an “on the go” photoshoot, and pictures where people are more in a pose. As the wedding day begins, you won’t notice me much, as I don’t want to get int he way and influence the shooting atmosphere; during the morning preparation for example, I follow people around and focus on details, attitudes, emotions, all the while staying discreet.

As the day goes by, you will see more of me. What I mean with people posing for a picture is not to ask them to stay frozen, but I do ensure they look their best while staying and looking natural. So, this means I will sometimes give instructions for pictures of the wedded couple or of the family, but my goal is simply to make the people stand in a certain place or light, then to make them laugh, or react, or make them interact, make the emotions visible.

Of course, you need a bit of time in your day organisation to do so. I also enjoy organizing brief moments alone with the wedded couple throughout the day, in order to capture the changing light and emotions, in different places, rather than to get all the wedded couple’s pictures in one go.



As from 1750 EUR ex VAT. This includes :

  • Travelling (in a 50-km-radius around Brussels city) . Travel and accommodation costs abroad are taken care of by the wedded couple.

  • Photoshoot

  • Post production work hours

  • Online picture gallery

About me


It’s been over 10 years now that I work as a independent photographer, a choice that still makes me happy.


I started back when the first digital reflex appeared. I used to work at the time in the communication department of a large Belgian company in the financial sector, and I got more and more interested in photography, first learning by myself, then sharing my discoveries on my blog, throughout tutorials that helped me to become better known, all the while exchanging feedback with others, whether photographers themselves or not, just as passionate as I was and am.

I started gaining some experience, and after juggling my day job and my activity as a photographer for a while, I got into it for good : I left my employer and I became self-employed.

Once you are a photographer, you keep on learning, you learn from others, from movies, from your clients… I always liked learning about all sorts of things, and being a photographer enables me to discover all kinds of environments. I work for many different companies : start-ups of well established players, in different sectors, different countries… whether for portraits or for bigger projects, I always give myself one hundred percent, out of passion for my job. (In order to have a broader view of my work, follow the link).

I may not be juggling between two jobs anymore : it’s now a balance between my professional and family responsibilities, like every parent, ever since I became a father to a little boy. I am fortunate to have a very supportive wife, especially when I travel abroad for a few days, although she also has a job she is passionate about and projects of her own.

The most important pictures I take are as far as Im’ concerned, wedding pictures, because they are bound to stay, to become part of the family history, or the family to come, something to show and to tell stories about, from one generation to the other.



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Booking me as your wedding photographer

Contact me by email or phone to tell me your wedding date. We will set up a meeting together in order to discuss your ideas and planning for the big day.

Travelling abroad

I often travel abroad in order to cover a wedding, either in Europe (Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Greece...) or in more distant locations (Turkey, Bali, Mauritius Island...) Travel and accommodation costs are in this case taken care of by the wedded couple.

Photo equipment

I work with both Nikon and Fuji cameras, according to what I need at a given moment. I use a variety of fix lenses, and when it's dark at night I also use flashes. I work 100% with digital cameras.

Colour vs B/W

I create pictures in colour as well as as in black and white. This doesn't mean that you get a double set of all pictures, one entirely in colour and one in black and white. You need to work on a good black and white during the camera work, by playing more on contrast than on complementing colours. What you d get after your wedding is a mix of pictures, some of them in colour, some others in black and white.

Average number of pictures

When you photoshoot people, what you want is to capture a telling attitude or gesture. So I take a lot of pictures during the day, and I skim through them by and by throughout the day. A second part of my job consists of selecting and editing the most beautiful pictures afterwards. The wedded couple always receive hundreds and hundreds of pictures.


In order to get a better idea of my photo style, have a look at some recent wedding days photos examples.

Wedding photo albums

I like to work with a graphic studio that creates beautiful wedding photo albums, if you wish. I have samples to show you during our meeting should you be interested.


Taking pictures of only part of a wedding day is not really my thing, because it does not let me enough time to capture the atmosphere or get close to the people, and therefore to create quality photos, which is very important to me.

I would also rather not take exaggeratedly "pose" pictures or slightly frozen smiles. Nor will I provide black and white photos with coloured details - it's just not my personal taste.